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If you are a local authority, you can use this website to find inspiration and guidance on how to work more strategically and structured with health promotion and healthy lifestyle choices towards children and families. You can also find inspiration on how to involve staff and citizens in a structured way in order to ensure sustainability and better effect of the interventions.

If you are a professional practitioner you can use this website to find inspiration on how you can involve children, young people and their parents more actively in the implementation and evaluation phase of health promoting interventions.

 Key features

10 Key Considerations before starting working with the PoHeFa Method
Through the close collaboration with 12 local authorities around Europe, 10 key considerations have been formulated that are base don the practical learning and experiences within the local authorities. These key considerations are worthwhile considering on an overall level, before a local authority decides to work strategically and actively with health promotion interventions.

The PoHeFa Method
This document gives a short and overall introduction to the PoHeFa method. It is useful to read this document before you start working with the tools from the tool box.

PoHeFa Toolbox
The tools in the PoHeFa toolbox have been developed within a European partnership consisting of organisations from 6 countries; Denmark, Germany, UK, Finland, Italy and Cyprus. After having been developed on a theoretical level, all tools have been tested within 12 local authorities in the 6 participating countries. In this toolbox you find the tools in their ”European Format” and in English. Under the flags of each country, you can find the tools as they have been adapted to each specific country, supported by local material that shows the local process and the results of the application of the tools.

 Practical experiences from Participating local authorities

“We really realized how the POHEFA project was a very important project. Working with the PoHeFa method helped us to reconsider our policy activities and procedures within health promotion. We are convinced that working in a more structured and empowered way, will help us to implement more effective interventions and more qualitative health promoting activities.”

Klelia Sourmeli- Skotinou, elected member of the Council of the Municipality of Engomi

“We have used the PoHeFa method to evaluate our health policy and strategy, and the recommendations we have got from the policy analysis will be used when we create the new strategy”

Casper Rasmussen, Tønder Municipality, DK

“Because of the application of the PoHeFa method, health has been integrated into the local re-generation project, as it has become a priority area for the city”

Stefan Leyk, Stadt Lütjenburg, DE

“Applying the PoHeFa method gives an idea of whether projects and policies are linked in the right way and it is very healthy for an organization like ours to get an objective view on the work that we are doing”

Martin Oldenburg, Stadt Flensburg, DE

“The timing of the application of the PoHeFa method is really good for us in the UK at it gives us some concrete instructions and directions on how the new structures can be formed and create strategies in a time where “localization” is on the political agenda”

Mark Patterson, Department of Health, UK

“The PoHeFa has facilitated the implementation of our strategy. Supported by the PoHeFa project, we have made progress in our well-being management – and approached our vision of “a municipality for good every-day life”

Matti Mäkinen, Hankasalmi Municipal Manager


In the first layer of the PoHeFa website you will find general recommendations and information about the PoHeFa method.

By clicking on the toolbox, you will find methods and tools that can assist you to implement the PoHeFa method in your local authority

By clicking on the different flags, you will go to the third layer of information, where you will find concrete examples on how 12 municipalities in 6 European countries have worked with the PoHeFa method

 POHEFA at a glance
  • Focuses on planning and implementation of health promoting activities towards children and young people.
  • Assists local authorities to build up a more holistic, strategic and structured institutional capacity.
  • Assists local authorities to create a better coherence between policies, strategies and concrete activities.
  • Assists local authorities to use their resources in a better way and create better results because the socio cultural context of settings are taken into consideration


This website arises from the project "PoHeFa" which has received funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme